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Me A Domus

"For the House"
We have the Tools
We have the Talent

Here's a small sample of our projects showing the broad range of services we provide.

Major rehab worksite, showing back of house, exposed wall studs, tools nearby
This house in San Rafael seemed to have cosmetic damage to the exterior sheathing, but when the first contractor began pulling things apart he found additional dry rot damage he could not handle. Me A Domus was called in to finish the job.
Spacious multi-level redwood deck with flower planters
Me A Domus designed and built this multi-level deck in Sebastopol. The challenge was to provide ample areas for dining tables and entertaining while creating a smooth transition to the lawn several feet below the level of the home’s floor.
Tub shower with custom white & green tile
The customer picked out the colors for this bathroom in a vintage home in Napa. Me A Domus designed the layout and selected the accent pieces to harmonize with the character of this older home, and did all the tile and underlayment work.
Greenhouse constructed from reclaimed sliding glass doors
This greenhouse in Sebastopol is created from reclaimed “slider” glass doors found at a salvage yard. We’ve used reclaimed materials many times, and we regularly work with property owners to execute their vision on all kinds of custom projects.
Stall shower with full height glass doors and color coordinated fixtures
This was an insurance repair. This bath in Tiburon was badly water damaged. Our work was a delicate operation involving removing 3 ft by 4 ft marble slabs, fixing the leak, and putting them back without any damage to the marble.
Multi-level oak kitchen cabinets, with natural finish
This was an insurance repair. This house in Sonoma was flooded. We repaired, refurbished, and refinished the lower cabinets. The upper cabinets were not damaged and we refinished them to match the lowers.
House under construction, shortly after rough framing was completed
This house in San Rafael was virtually cut in half when a 100 foot eucalyptus tree fell on it. It required significant demolition and was more like a new construction job than a rehab or repair. We build everything from new additions to barns.
Fence and gate with artistic inset and graceful wrought iron hardware
This fence and gate protects a side yard and hot tub at a home in Sebastopol. The gate was custom built to fit the opening. The small “speakeasy” door at eye level enables those inside to see out while maintaining privacy.
Natural finish hardwood floor  with black oak trim
This is a custom hardwood floor made out of the oak slats used in winemaking. We milled all the slats ourselves and installed a nicely detailed custom floor. Quite a challenge, since the walls of this rustic Santa Rosa cottage were not straight or square!
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